Closing Time Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with some regret that I tell you I have made the decision to wind up the Paint and Biscuits blog.

It was a tough decision, but in the end I have had to face the fact that, what with having a very young and all the other demands on my time I don’t have the time to keep up the blog. Rather than do a half-arsed job and stress myself out over not being able to to things properly, better to draw a line under everything and concentrate on looking after my family and actually getting the occasional toy painted – and maybe even play a game.

Anyone who will miss my slightly indignant musings on the gaming scene need not completely despair as I have been asked to be a contributing writer to the Shell Case Blog. So I will still be able to address the world with my elegantly crafted rantings on the world of toy soldiers without the associated administrative burdens.

Thanks to everyone who has read my posts, especially those who have commented and added to the discussion. Thanks also to everyone who has posted links to my posts to help spread word of my blogging efforts. I’m hugely grateful to everyone who has contributed to my having had just under 11,000 hits in a little under a year.

Take care, keep painting and may your dice roll high.

I’ll see you whenever Phil agrees to run an article of mine.


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Many congratulations to the Bear on his 1000th post!

The Wargaming Bear

I am truly stunned like really really stunned.

Never in my wildest days would I think I could hit 1000 posts when I started this blog never mind the fact I have been doing a post a day everyday for most of the blogs history.

Thank you all for keeping coming back and actually let hit some (in my humble opinion) amazing numbers.

To give you an idea I started in 2010 and since then I have doubled my monthly average year on year so my current average views already for this year is 300+ per day. Huge thank you.

The other thing that has kept me going is the HUGE amount of new guys coming out of the woodwork for this hobby. Some great miniatures, games and hobby-related gubbins means you could literally play a different game every day of the year and not be disappointed 🙂

So looking…

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Bear’s rather splendid Ork Meganobs.

The Wargaming Bear

Every Mega armoured Warboss needs a merry band of followers and mine are no different 😀

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

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Bear’s thoughts on the new Stormwall Colossal for Cygnar in Warmachine.

The Wargaming Bear

So I have had the beast for a few days now and I have tried him with pNemo and pStryker (why? well thats my 2 Cygnar casters I have used so far :P)

But first some initial thoughts you have already had these hundreds of times already on the internet probably but I am going to go there just for completeness 😛

 – 120mm bases can be a pain to move around even with pathfinder. Obstacles are going to be painful very very painful (apparently Colossals & Battle Engines are incredibly clumsy).

 – He is a huge point sink it is amazing what your opponent can bring for the same cost.

 – Playing him at below 50pts is not worth it as like any really elite list (which is what a SW list is) means you feel every loss that little bit more than usual. OK he is a monster…

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Phil’s thoughts on the humble Rhino APC.



This grand statement was prompted by me building one last night whilst watching Battlestar Galactica – Exodus parts 1 & 2 if anyone’s interested – and how much I enjoyed building it. I worked out I’ve built at least 10 Rhino chassis over the years (with 3 more sat under my desk) and all of them very immensely satisfying. And here’s why…

It’s such a sublimely easy kit to build and, presumably, because the company churns them out like a veritable Forgeworld, the casting quality is almost perfect. In my experience the mould likes are few and far between. But moreover, it just looks ace. The simplicity of the design encapsulates both the efficiency and single mindedness of the STC principle and the Space Marines themselves.

The RH1N0 has been the workhorse of the Adeptus Astartes and the Imperium as a whole since the Great Crusade. They are a byword for reliability and as much…

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The Shell Case reviews Noble Armada.


It’s review time again and this time it’s the turn of A Call to Arms: Noble Armada by Mongoose Publishing. I first came across Mongoose when my brother and fellow Alliance member, @Chris_S_79 pointed me in their direction. Being a total sucker for anything with space ships I didn’t need much convincing to get in touch with them. And, thanks to their incredible kindness, this will actually be the first of two reviews, the other being Mongoose’s Star Fleet game. But more on that another time.


Noble Armada is a space opera in the truest sense. It has a fantastic back story, based on the Fading Suns RPG, that recounts the rise and fall of Empires and religions. And it’s so good to see a developer put as much effort into the background as they do the rules. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t quite keep track of who…

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Those fine chaps at Membraine Studios are running a couple of competitions on their Indiegogo page for Exodus Wars.

Competition details are as follows:

Competition 1
One random new contributor from the next 70 hours will be selected to receive ALL THE PERKS. Yes—all of them! 🙂

And because it’s not fair to only offer this chance to new backers:

Competition 2
One existing backer will be selected now to be upgraded to receive ALL THE PERKS.

The winners will both be announced at 10:30pm AEST (which is GMT +10) three days from now. Best of luck! 🙂

If you think the game should happen – and I for one think it should – then pledge your support on the Indiegogo page.

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