Launch all Interceptors!

Yesterday, I blogged about my recent endeavours with Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games. Today I’ll be talking about my parallel adventures with another of Spartan’s games, Firestorm Armada.

Firestorm Armada is the game that made we want to try Spartan Game’s products. This was quite a big deal considering I had never before considered doing any game that wasn’t produced by Games Workshop.

I’m a huge sci-fi fan (as you may have inferred). I like spaceships of all descriptions and the opportunity to paint up some cool spaceship models was too good to miss. Of course there are other spaceship games, most obviously GW’s Battlefleet Gothic but FA has the advantage of being very strongly supported by Spartan in contrast to BFG having long been exiled to the wilderness of the ‘Specialist Games’ range.

I ummed and ahhed about what fleet to collect. For a long time I was thinking of collecting the Sorylians. I liked their chunky but sleek, linear designs and their sense of being heavily armed. Once I started to get an idea of the different capabilities of the various fleets, I was turned off by the last of forwrad guns on the Sorylian ships. This is purely a personal preference, but I didn’t fancy being so dependent on broadside weapons.

This lead me to the Aquans. I liked the ships having weaponry all round and thought that being able to manoeuvre to make use of several relatively weaker weapons batteries would be an interesting challenge. The Aquan ships also had a very distinctive look which reminded me of the iconic Mon Calamari star cruisers from the Star Wars trilogy.

I now have nearly 1000 points of Aquan ships and I’m eagerly awaiting the preview of the Aquan dreadnought which should go up on the Spartan Games website any day now.

When I came to painting them, I decided I wanted to incorporate several colours into the scheme to prevent the finished product being too dull. The Aquan designs don’t have much technical ‘kibble’ to break up the hull colour the way a lot of other fleets do. In the end I settled on a primary hull colour of Codex Grey, with portions of the hull picked out in Shadow Grey and Ice Blue.

Poseidon-class Battleship


Manta-class Battle Carrier


Storm-class Cruisers


I’m not sure what I will add to the fleet. It will depend what Spartan release, though I have been thinking of adding some Terran allies and maybe some Terquai when they become available. I quite like the idea of adding a Terran Razorthorn-class battleship painted red as a tribute to the Errant Venture from the Star Wars: X-wing novels.

Hope you like the pictures. And remember, concentrate all firepower on the Super Star Destroyer.


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