Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

The splendid chaps at Spartan Games have been releasing preview renders of their upcoming large flyer models for Dystopian Wars.

My favourite so far is the Britanian Eagle-class War Rotor, though I am probably biased due to being. Britanian player. The design echoes the Hawk-class Scout Rotor that was released earlier this year, but without just being a scaled up version of the later. The prow also echoes the design of the Britanian naval vessels which is a nice touch.

The Empire of the Blazing Sun Tsukuyomi War Gyro is an interesting design, in the quirky tradition of the previous EotBS flyers. It certainly looks sturdy and well armed compared to it’s smaller Scout Gyro sibling.

The Prussian Gewitterwolke airship is a nice model, but suffers from being just a bit too conventional in comparison to the more esoteric Britanian and Blazing Sun designs. Though the nose mounted Tesla coil is a nice feature.

The FSA Valley Forge airship was previewed earlier this year but we’ll wait and see if an updated preview is forthcoming. I’m also looking forward to the Antarctican heavy flyer to be previewed.

Spartan seem to have done the usual sterling job designing these models. And as always I like the fact that new toys are being released across all of the nations. Not sure when the flyers will be released but an Eagle will be going down on my Xmas list.



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