Miniature Monday – 10/10/2011

Another Miniature Monday has rolled round and I’m pleased to be able to report that on this occasion I have something to show you all.

This week’s completed project is the Britanian Majesty-class Dreadnought for Dystopian Wars:

Britanian Dreadnought

Painting this ship, I followed the same colour scheme I have been using for the other ships I have painted for this fleet. I’m quite happy with how the red and white trim contrasts with the black/gunmetal hull. I’m also quite pleased with how well the bronze I used to pick out the ram in the prow came out.


Here is a picture of the Dreadnought with my Ruler-class Battleship, which I don’t think I’ve had the chance to show off on the blog either:

Majesty-class & Ruler-class

And in turn, the Battleship with the cruiser that was the first ship I painted up for the Britanians:

Ruler-class & Tribal-class

The next project for the Britanians will be to finish of the cruiser’s squadron mates. After that the time has probably come to look at the Frigates and Destroyers.


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