That’s not the Duff Blimp!

Spartan Games have released updated renders of the FSA Valley-class large airship.

The updated design is a huge leap from the version previewed earlier this year. The version we saw back in the spring was a very conventional airship design, albeit livened up with a goodly sized rocked battery in the nose.

Old version of the Valley Airship

The new version however, it a bit more special:

Valley-class Airship Mk II

Valley-class Airship Mk II

Quite a difference I think you will agree.

This is a fantastic design, and looking at this I’m tempted to get one just to paint. It certainly leaves the much, much, much more conventional Lee-class Scout Airship in the shade. It also makes me even more disappointed in the really rather uninspired Prussian Gewitterwolke-class large airship previewed earlier this month.

A much more boring airship

Now all off the large flyer models for Dystopian Wars, I think my personal favourites are the Eagle, Daedalus and Valley. I look forward to seeing the final models ‘in the resin’.


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