Those sterling chaps at Spartan Games have released previews of the forthcoming EotBS and Prussian Carriers.

Kiyohime Class Assault Carrier

Rhine Class Fleet Carrier


Of the two, I think my favourite is the Rhine. I like the bridge suspended over the runway and the heavy gun on the bow. The Carriers for the other three Dystopian Wars nations have been out for some time now, the EotBS and Prussians having received Sky Fortresses at that time. But seeing these two previewed makes me think we can probably expect to see the FDA, CoA and KoB Sky Fortresses previewed over the next week or so. I of course am really looking forward to the possibility of a Britanian Sky Fortress.


As a bonus, Spartan released this fun image of a Prussian Metzger Robot ‘surfing’ on top of a Rhine Fleet Carrier. Sadly Spartan have made it clear that this design will not be going into production. Personally I think this is a shame as it would have been the greatest collectors’ miniature ever!


"The Metzger Test"

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