Hit and Run


Spartan Games have released preview renders of the new Corvette class ships for Dystopian Wars.

Hit and Run


Nice looking models every one of them, though the FSA Revere-class is certainly a little eccentric. I like the Britanian Swift-class a lot, though I’m not sure if I will rush out and buy some quite yet. In due time though, I might augment the small ships of my fleet with a squadron or two.

I also quite like the Prussian Saxony-class. It’s got some nice sharp lines and a real sense of speed. I’m less keen on the CoA Thales-class ship as I think it looks a bit fragile and spindly. The EotBS Fujin-class is nice enough, but suffers from really, really looking like a steam engine, even compared to it’s fleet mates.

Not sure what Spartan will have to offer during the rest of the week, but I will keep my eye on their site as always.


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