And it was an Epic reposte!

@CaitoGalenus has posted a response to my recent post about Epic. He makes some good points, as well as rightly pointing out how much the old cardboard building that came with the game used to pop apart. aito’s post is here: And it was Epic!.

Caito is fulsome in his praise for Epic Armageddon, the modern incarnation of the game, as have been a couple of my Twitter #warmonger colleagues. I must admit I don’t know a huge amount about this version, beyond the fact that it was developed using ideas from the successful Battlefleet Gothic spaceship wargame.

At the time Epic Armageddon came out I was at University and as such had no money. Later, when I could potentially have gotten into the game it had already faded into the living undeath that is the Specialist Games range. There seems to be a feeling online that the current version is a very good set of 6mm rules.

These days sadly Epic is just as expensive (if not more so) as other GW games, but with the added sting that there is no real support for the game. I suspect that if I did start buying Epic stuff after a while I would feel resentful, like I was helping to subsidise the other games, but not the one I was buying toys for. I’m not sure I could really get into a game where there is a finite amount of stuff with little or no chance of anything new being added. I know Epic has a vibrant player community that works tirelessly to produce fan-lists and new campaigns and scenarios, but I’m not sure it can 100% replace the support that GW isn’t giving. Not least because there will probably never be any new models (expect the few that Forge World occasionally grace us with). Even the existing range is a bit mixed with the splendid 3rd edition era Warlord Titan awkwardly sharing ‘shelf space’ with the equally good but very different 1st edition era Reaver Titan.

And it’s the lack of new models that underlines that way Epic has been cast to the wayside. Since the last version of epic arrived on the scene, dozens of new units have appeared on the battlefields of 40k that have no counterpart in Epic. 40k has forged ahead with its Storm Ravens, Dreadknights and Mawlocs and Epic has simply been left behind.


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