Woods and hills and ruins, oh my!

My second shipment of Battlefield in a Box scenery has arrived, courtesy of those splendid chaps at Firestorm Games.

Once again I am really pleased with the quality of what I’ve received. The terrain is good and sturdy and the pre-painting is done well. The little bags of flock and static grass included in the packs are a nice touch, but I’m actually thinking that a better idea might be to use the pot of unused modeling snow I have on my gaming shelf and doing a winter table.

Despite what I posted in my previous review, the BiaB pine wood sets are available once again. I ordered a large woods and a small woods. The main difference between them being the size of the trees. Both come with two area bases that will neatly define the woods for the purpose of ‘area terrain’ style rules, upon which you can place the model trees. I quite like the contrast between the stately tall trees of the large set and the smaller clustered trees of the small set. I think a good effect could be acheived my mixing the two sizes on a single base. The advantage of having removable trees makes it easier to place large monsters such as a Carnifex in the woods while still knowing that the area terrain rules will have them covered.

I’m particularly happy with the extra large rocky hill. Despite the name it’s not too huge and is a nice sturdy hill that no one will have problems balancing models on. A nice bonus is that this hill could very, very easily be used as an island in games of Dystopian Wars. Indeed, the bases from the wood sets could also be used as low lying sandbars. (Actually, thinking about it, the rocky outcrops I blogged about last time could be used as asteroids in Firestorm Armada.)

The Crumbling Remnants set is a nice ruin in the same style as the Broken Facade I reviewed last time. It’s nice having these more interesting ruins though in the longer term I think a few more conventional ruins would be good to add to the mix.

I’m really pleased with my scenery collection to date. I might add a few more pieces, in particular an extra hill or two but I think I have enough to have a fairly good game of 40k or similar on a standard size table.

Once I have bought my table I will post some pictures of everything set up.


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