A Shameless Plug

As some of you may know, I get my toys and hobby stuff from Firestorm Games.

I’ve only started buying toys online in the last year and so far Firestorm are the webstore I’ve given most custom. It helps knowing that they are also a proper friendly neighbourhood gaming shop – down in Cardiff in fact. But the main thing is that they sell such a wide variety of shiny things. It’s good be be able to buy heavy cruisers for Firestorm Armada and tanks for Warhammer 40k in one order should the need arise.

The service I’ve had has been pretty good. One order was a long time being dispatched but it turned out Rob at the team had been let down by a supplier. There was one other order that had a few items missing, but a quick email, and they were with me by the following morning with complementary sweets sweets and a note of apology, which was a nice touch.

So a good online store that offers a nice discount and pretty good service. My monthly boxes of awesome arriving have been a highlight of the last six-months or so. They also recently sent me a voucher code that gave me an extra 5% off for pre-Xmas purchases, which nicely coincided with me wanting to spend a bit of birthday money on so it was discounted Terran Dreadnoughts for me.

So if anyone is looking for somewhere to buy toys for a wide variety of game systems, check out Firestorm Games.



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