2011 and all that

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and that lots of people found shiny toys under the tree.

Well, what a year it’s been.

It’s certainly been an eventful one for me. This was the year I passed my driving test, got married and became a father. I went through the upheaval of a major reorganisation at work but came out the end of it with my job intact and a pay increase. So, it’s been quite a year.

It’s been equally active on the hobby front. At the start of the year I was collecting a Space Marine army for Warhammer 40,000. The army was the Brazen Angels, a chapter of my own devising, using the Blood Angels rules. I was also tempted by the shiny new Grey Knight codex.

During the spring though I became disillusioned with Games Workshop and the high cost of the hobby. About the same time I was introduced to Spartan Games by @docbungle and got into the fantastic games Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars.

I rounded out my Space Marine collection but since then I’ve been collecting shiny spaceships and cool steam punk warships. The toys from Spartan are fantastic and a joy to collect and paint.

I also investigated Warmachine by Privateer Press. After flicking through the rules and enjoying a intro game I concluded that although it’s a solid rule set with an interesting setting it just doesn’t grab me the way other games do, I might keep my eyes open for news of PP’s upcoming sci-fi game as that might be more my thing.

I have been tempted and intrigued to varying degrees by other games such as Dust Tactics and MERCS. But for now I’m content sticking with DW and FA.

The other big hobby development has been starting this blog, which has been great fun and a good opportunity to get a few things off my chest. I’ve made over 100 posts and had over 3000 hits since I started the blog in the late summer and I’m pretty pleased with those numbers. I’ve exchanged ideas with other gamers, promoted Caito’s Shell Case Alliance and generally had a good time.

Going forward, I’m planning on carrying on with all my hobby related pursuits but these will now have to be balanced with my responsibilities as husband and father. Money will be tight for the next year or so as I have to pay for nappies and other paraphernalia. Fortunately I now have a huge backlog of toys to finish painting. Time will be the other factor as I will have to feed the little one, read her stories and so on. Working from my priorities, to help allow myself the time to paint my toys as well as do all the stuff I’ve got to do day to day I’ll be scaling back on the blog for a while. This will free up a bit of time but also reduce the stress and pressure of trying to keep up and think of things to post. So in future I’ll concentrate on posting when I have something to say, rather than for the sake of it.

Blogging is fun, but you have to make time for all the things you enjoy and prioritise what’s most important to you and also make sure they never become a chore.

In the meantime I recommend you check out The Shell Case and Miniature Musings of a Bear for all that’s hot in the world of hobby blogging, especially all the latest Spartan Games news.

Have a happy new year and look out for my posts when you see them.


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