What Sort of Year Will It Be?

A number of my Warmonger comrades have posted gaming related new year’s resolutions:

The Good Ship Resolute.

New Years Resolutions.

New Year.

New Years Resolutions

I have only a few gaming resolutions, after all, my ambitions will have to be realistic given that I have a wife and baby to look after. But there are a few things I would like to do:

1) Keep Painting. Thanks to some generous Birthday and Christmas presents I now have two fleets each for firestorm armada and dystopian wars, the majority of which are still unpainted. Not to mention a sizeable chunk of my Brazen Angels force for 40k. I’ve actually decided to not buy any more shiny things until I’ve reduced my backlog of unpainted things.

2) play some games. My only game of 2011 was an aborted game of firestorm armada with my brother. It was fun, but not really enough. Once I have my armies/fleets organised and the baby is a bit older I hope to start visiting the local games club. I’m also quite interested in Caito’s planned Shell Case Alliance Beatdown event. A chance to meet some of my fellow warmongers and play a few games.

3) learn the rules. If I’m going to be playing games I need to get a firmer grip on my rules. Primarily this will be for Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars which I’m still rather a novice at. I’ll also have to factor in the rule updates for DW that Spartan released just before Xmas.

4) blog when I can. I have to be realistic about my time and the demands in it. I want to be able to blog now and then, but only when I have something to say. But I’ll not be blogging for the sake of it. If I’m honest though I know what my priorities are and if I can’t keep up the blog then I’ll have to call a break.

I also want to catch up on my reading this year. I still have unread books from last Christmas so I have some catching up to do. I also want to actually play the computer games I got for Xmas at some point.

Some of this might be a tall order. I’ll just have to do my best and see what I can achieve.



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