Port in a Firestorm

Over on the Shell Case, Caito has been looking at the newly announced releases for Firestorm Armada.

Port in a Firestorm.

Speaking as someone with an Aquan fleet, I quite like the new Mk II frigates but I can’t say the same for the cruisers. There’s clearly been a big change in Spartan’s vision of the Aquan design aesthetic, and it’s taking the fleet away from the look that made them appeal to me in the first place. I can appreciate the detail and the fact that the designs are clearly more sophisticated in design terms but they don’t grab me. Some of you might remember by disappointment with the Aquan dreadnought design.

The new RSN ships are pretty swish looking. In particularly the Banshee dreadnought, which I think I prefer to the mainline Dindrenzi dreadnought. It’s quite a straight, purposeful design.

I’m not sure what to make of the Ba’kash. I’m intrigued about whether the ‘open’ and ‘closed’ configurations have different profiles. Though as they are on the Zenian side and all my fleets are Kurak aligned I might not have the chance to find out.

Still, some nice looking ships and it’s always good to see some new shiny things coming for Firstorm Armada.

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