Introducing The Oroshan

Spartan Games have released an exciting new preview of the upcoming Oroshan releases for Firestorm Armada:

Introducing The Oroshan | Spartan Games.

The Oroshan seem to be unique (so far) in that they are not allied with either the Alliance of Kurak or the Zenian League and are eqaully dangerous and hostile to all the other factions in Firestorm Armada.

Of the three designs previewed so far, my favourite is the Defiler class cruiser. I’m less keen on the battleship, probably because it looks rather liek the Cardasian ships from Star Trek. The frigates look interesting, but I’m not entirely sure which end is the front yet.

Defiler Class Cruiser


Still, on top of the new RSN, Aquan and Dindrenzi stuff previewed the other day, it looks like Firestorm players have plenty to look forward to. It’s always nice to see Firestorm getting some shiny new stuff, especially stuff that opens up the game world like this.



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