Rumours of my death…

Greetings loyal Warmongers!

No, despite the rumours I have not been felled by my many enemies, I have merely been distracted by the arrival in December of my beautiful new baby daughter.

It’s fair to say that having a new addition to the family has had a huge impact, mainly in terms of how tired I am a lot of the time and how much of our days are taken up by baby wrangling. This means that times when I have had both the time and the mental wherewithal to do anything hobby related are sadly rare these days.

I have managed to snatch a couple of hours of painting here and there. I have painted up a couple of ships for Firestorm Armada and have recently started work on the Devastator squad for my Brazen Angels Space Marines.

Recently my hobby related thoughts have been mainly about Warhammer 40,000. This probably has a lot to do with the growing hype surrounding the upcoming 6th Edition, though the fact I’ve been working through all the Black Library novels I got for Christmas (including Deliverance Lost, Know No Fear and Battle of the Fang /em>;) is probably another big factor. Also there have been some pretty cool stuff coming out for 40k recently, especially the cool new Space Marine stuff from Forge World like the Contemptor Dreadnaught and the Tartaros Terminators. I’m actually genuinely tempted to collect a new Space Marine army using the Forge World models. Expensive true, but it would be cool to do an army of Mk VI marines.

I’ve written previously about my frustration with Games Workshop and their pricing and some of their design choices. Certainly the recent Empire releases for Warhammer Fantasy have confirmed that I just can’t get behind the design aesthetic of fantasy models these days. But GW do get some stuff right and there’s no ignoring that they are the market leader, especially if you want to get a pick up game in a club.

Apart from Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars (both from Spartan Games) no games have really caught my interest the way 40k has. I actually feel a bit bad for not wanting to get into Warmachine/Hordes. Having read up on it and had a demo game, I know it’s a good rule set and has a really cool and interesting setting. But there is just no faction amongst those available that make me want to collect an army of them. Perhaps I should just wait and see if Privateer Press’ upcoming sci-fi Level 7 catches my imagination.

I have been quite interested by Dust Warfare. Cool concept, cool models and knowing the rules were written my GW alumnus Andy Chambers certainly gives us a reason to expect some cool stuff. But again, it just doesn’t make me want to rush out and buy. But I’ll be keeping an eye out for reviews online.

I think that the appeal of any game comes down to the fluff and background as well as they toys. A characterful background story is what helps a model be more than a quite attractive bit of design work. A good example is the upcoming Dropzone Commander, a 10mm scale battle game from new company on the block Hawk Wargames. This is the first game I have come across that had something that made me truly want to buy it since I discovered Spartan Games a year ago. I’m particularly interested in the shiny, ultra-high-tech of the Post Human Republic units. The previews and interviews (including a great interview on Political Dice) make this sound like a real labour of love on the part of the creator. There’s already quite a buzz on twitter which I’m sure will only grow as we get closer to the July release date.

So for the next few months, my own hobby time will be spent painting up what I can, when I can, but I will be keeping an eye out towards new releases in July and the possibility of taking on a couple of new projects when the newest shiny stuff is unleashed. I have a small mountain of unpainted 40k, DW and FA stuff still to paint, I I won’t be buying for the sake of it, but never say never to something particularly shiny and awesome.

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    Welcome back 😀

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