Reblogging Phil’s thoughts on the Snidey Gamer – or as some might call them, sneering dickheads.


Just lately I’ve had a rash of comments on the blog and Twitter bad mouthing the models and games I’ve been reviewing, as well as my general like for those products. One or two comments have valid points but the vast majority are from, what I’d call, Snidey Gamers.

I should address one comment which is; why do I, generally, like the things I review. There’s two reasons. The first is that I try to review things that interest me. As a veteran gamer I try to find stuff that’s original and therefore a different experience. The second is that nothing is without worth. A game may not always be my bag but I can see the what the writers were trying to achieve or a rule that works really well. I don’t have to want to play the game to see that it’s good. Regardless, so long as someone enjoys…

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