Interesting article from Phil on a new steampunk skirmish game – one that lets you use Holmes and Watson no less!


Every now and then a game comes along that causes a bit of a stir and gets the community all of a flap. Like a teenage boy seeing a girl at party and going all shy when she looks his way. Empire of the Dead is one of those games.

For those that aren’t in the know, Empire of the Dead – by West Wing Productions – is a Steampunk skirmish game set in the year of our Lord 1888. The discovery of a rare mineral called Infernium has given the world a self-perpetuating energy source and changed the course of history forever. However, the discovery of this flame red stone has coincided with the return of the world’s most ancient evils. Now, I’ll be honest here, beyond that the background gets a little vague. Whether by design or not, EotD doesn’t come out and say that Infernium is, essentially hell stuff…

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