Phil has posted a review of the updated rulebook for Dystopina Wars over on the Shell Case Blog. Check it out.


As the new rule book for Dystopian Wars has been out for a little while now I thought it about time I commit myself to an opinion regarding the revised rules.

The first rulebook was good but often confusing, particularly when it came to tiny flyers (fighter tokens) or anything that wasn’t a core/main rule. It felt like a rule book written by model designers if that makes sense? Let me put it another way; in my line of work I deal with web developers. They are very clever people but they will only ever do what is asked of them and in organised blocks. Not because they can’t be bothered but because they work in set parameters. They don’t always see the bigger picture or how point A flows to point B. That’s just how they think. It kind of feels like that with the first edition of the…

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