To the Dropships!

Well, the website for Hawk Wargames and their forthcoming 10mm sci-fi wargame went live late last Friday night.

This has been one of the most eagerly anticipated developments amongst my fellow Twitter #warmongers and the comments so far have been enthusiastic. I personally have already pre-ordered the rulebook. If nothing else it should be a cracking good read and as it is very reasonably priced I needn’t feel too nervous about shelling out in order to find out more about the game and it’s factions.

Shaltari Jaguar Warstrider

Dropzone Commnader is probably the first game I’ve encountered since I discovered Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars about a year and a half ago, that made me think ‘I want those models’. That’s as big deal for a game to be so arresting. There are several good games out there (such as Dust Warfare and Warmachine) that I just can’t get enthusiastic about because the models don’t make me want them enough to collect an army. I’ve not had much experience with 10mm scale games – though I have fond memories of GWs old 6mm game Epic.

UCM Archangel Interceptors

I observed in a previous post that since being turned off by 40k, I’d found that I missed the more visceral feel of actual toy soldiers compared to (otherwise awesome) spaceships and steampunk battleships. Thus far I’ve not found another 28mm game that floats my boat. That part of the market seems to be dominated by fantasy, historical and steampunk games, rather than the sci-fi I am primarily looking for, and are mostly skirmish level games. Although I’ve not previously considered a 10mm or 15mm game, DzC (as it is known) is deeply appealing and ticks the main boxes despite being on a different scale to what I am used too.

UCM Seraphim Strike Fighter

Of the factions available, the two that appeal to me most are the UCM and the PHR. The UCM have some cool tanks and some very, very cool aircraft in the firm of the Batman-esque Archangel interceptor and the awesome Seraphim attack craft. However the PHR edge out the UCM for me, mainly because of their variety of very cool walkers – I do like me some big stompy mecha. The Shaltari are cool enough, and do a nice job of evoking an alien aesthetic, but they don’t grab me enough to make me want to do an army of them. The Scourge however, I find slightly disappointing as, to me at least, the models seem quite clumsy looking and in a lot of cases are trying a bit too hard to look sinister and alien rather than well designed (though I concede that might be the point).

PHR Odin Heavy Walkers

The founder of Hawk Wargames and creator of Dropzone Commander is an alumnus of Spartan Games, so I think we can be confident that he should have a good idea of what he is doing. Based on the interviews I’ve read it sounds like developing DzC has pretty much been a one man venture and a real labour of love so we can only hope that all the effort pays off.

Scourge Corsair Fighters

So, this is an exciting newcomer to the wargaming arena. I’m looking forward to seeing what new models will be forthcoming after the game is officially released in July. Hopefully before too long we will also see some new factions coming out. It’s nice to see something new coming out that really excites and interests. Let’s see is is will be something that will really take off.



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