All There in the Manual

I came across an interesting review of a new streamlined rulebook for Heavy Gear Blitz and thought I should share it.

Heavy Gear Field Manual

I don’t know much about Heavy Gear  beyond the fact that it involves big stompy robots. But this review piqued my interest enough to download the quick start rule in the name of further research.

I’ll let you know if I reach any interesting conclusions.


  1. #1 by Martin (@firebroadside) on June 19, 2012 - 8:59 pm

    Hello fellow Shellcaser/Paincaker! 😀

    Why settle for the quick start rules when you can get the entire Field Manual! Squirreled away at Beasts of War you can actually download it for free:

    While I’ve still not been able to play a game of Heavy Gear I’ve built up a small Northern force and I really like the rules. You can see my progress over at Fire Broadside:

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