An interesting Interview.


Earlier in the week I wrote about a band of Ozzies going by the name of Membraine Studios who are developing Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire, a tabletop wargame on your PC. On top of this they have flung open their project to the community in the form of a Indigogo campaign which I talked a little about here.

Aside from looking awesome, doing a straight port from table to PC was an interesting idea. So much so I decided to fire some questions their way…

TSC: Membraine Studios is currently developing, essentially, a virtual tabletop wargame. How did the project come about? Was it a eureka moment or something that’s evolved over time?

MARK SHEPPARD: Definitely something that evolved. I guess the idea for Fractured Empire started back in 2009, mainly from a desire to get to play more tabletop wargames, really. I have three young kids and not…

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