The Shell Case reviews Noble Armada.


It’s review time again and this time it’s the turn of A Call to Arms: Noble Armada by Mongoose Publishing. I first came across Mongoose when my brother and fellow Alliance member, @Chris_S_79 pointed me in their direction. Being a total sucker for anything with space ships I didn’t need much convincing to get in touch with them. And, thanks to their incredible kindness, this will actually be the first of two reviews, the other being Mongoose’s Star Fleet game. But more on that another time.


Noble Armada is a space opera in the truest sense. It has a fantastic back story, based on the Fading Suns RPG, that recounts the rise and fall of Empires and religions. And it’s so good to see a developer put as much effort into the background as they do the rules. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t quite keep track of who…

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