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Closing Time Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with some regret that I tell you I have made the decision to wind up the Paint and Biscuits blog.

It was a tough decision, but in the end I have had to face the fact that, what with having a very young and all the other demands on my time I don’t have the time to keep up the blog. Rather than do a half-arsed job and stress myself out over not being able to to things properly, better to draw a line under everything and concentrate on looking after my family and actually getting the occasional toy painted – and maybe even play a game.

Anyone who will miss my slightly indignant musings on the gaming scene need not completely despair as I have been asked to be a contributing writer to the Shell Case Blog. So I will still be able to address the world with my elegantly crafted rantings on the world of toy soldiers without the associated administrative burdens.

Thanks to everyone who has read my posts, especially those who have commented and added to the discussion. Thanks also to everyone who has posted links to my posts to help spread word of my blogging efforts. I’m hugely grateful to everyone who has contributed to my having had just under 11,000 hits in a little under a year.

Take care, keep painting and may your dice roll high.

I’ll see you whenever Phil agrees to run an article of mine.


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