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Om nom nom

My wife pointed out that despite the name, my blog doesn’t talk about biscuits much.

Let there be no mistake, biscuits are marvellous and if it weren’t for those pesky calories I would eat considerably more of them than I do.

A while ago there was a discussion on the Shell Case Forum about people’s favoured gaming snacks. Amongst the usual suspects such as doughnuts and chocolate buttons there was a lot of love for both the Chocolate Hob Nob and the Chocolate Digestive. Preferably with a nice cup of tea.

Of course, there is the immortal Jaffa Cake, though a lot of money was spent a few years ago to confirm that they are, legally speaking, cakes not biscuits.

In the old days, there were custard creams and bourbons, but they seem a bit retro these days. There are other, more exciting ‘cream’ biscuits these days. I must admit I’ve never really got into Oreos, but something like Fox’s Chocolate and Orange Jam Creams is something I can get behind.

I should of course say a brief word about the humble plain digestive. A bit uninteresting perhaps, but definitely moreish and I have inhaled them in great numbers at various times in my life.

Childhood nostalgia also means there is a special place in my heart for the iced party ring.

These days, we are living in an age of an infinite variety of luxury cookie varieties with an infinite range of combinations of different kinds of chocolate, dried fruit, spices, caramel, nuts and oats. Almost all of which are delicious and bound to please anyone offered one with a cup of tea over either the coffee table or the gaming table.

So a brief look into my biscuit-related preferences. What do you all out there in the blogsphere like with a cup of tea and a rousing game of toys?