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Grinding Forwards

Two more Mobile Airbases for Dystopian have been previewed by the insane geniuses at Spartan Games.

Cross of Resin

At first glance this Prussian model seems like a ridiculous, gimmicky design. But it actually grew on me very quickly. The model has the right sense of solidity to make the quirky crosswise stacked flight decks look plausible. The overall effect is of a very purposeful unit and I like that it is clearly very well tied in with the solid, utilitarian look of the other Prussian land units.

Not so Itsy

The Covenant of Antarctica model is amongst the most striking models Spartan have produced. I like all the little details like the energy turrets in the legs. I particularly like the dome in the centre of the main body, surrounded by what appear to be warhead launch bays. I anticipate that this model will be subjected to an infinite number of spider analogies, although the pedant in me makes me feel I should point out it only has four legs. I do collect CoA, but I would have to think about whether to get this one as using it in-game would involve branching out into a land force and having to put up with the annoyances of the fighter rules. That said, this one might be cool enough to make it on to the ‘buy it just to paint’ list.

Like many of you, I await Spartan’s next preview with anticipation.

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Covenant of Antarctica – The Review

Read @CaitoGalenus’ review of the Covenant of Antarctica range and his thoughts on their new sky fortress.

Covenant of Antarctica – The Review.

That’s no moon….

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Following on from the large flyer previews I talked about last week Spartan games have released previews of the Covenant of Antarctica Daedalus-class flyer.

I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to add some CoA to my collection and this model has given me another reason to do so.

This is a great model, and it’s interesting how this seems to to show the CoA pushing the envelope of their technology, even compared to the Icarus-class medium flyer. It’s clearly not the same kind of brute force military design as the other large flyers and it’s easily one of the most ‘sci-fi’ designs coming out for Dystopian Wars.

Rest assured, if I do decide to start a CoA fleet, this model will definitely be included.

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