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Don’t look at it!

Last week Spartan games released the long awaited renders of the forthcoming Aquan Medusa-class Dreadnought for Firestorm Armada.

Medusa-class Dreadnought

Personally, and I can only speak personally here, I don’t like it very much. To be fair, given how long Spartan kept us waiting for this particular preview, it was going to be difficult for any ship to live up to the anticipation, but the Medusa still came as quite a shock.

Granted, all the six FA dreadnoughts that Spartan have pushed the envelope in terms of the visual style of their respective fleets, but the other five were all clearly, visibly tied to an overall design philosophy. The Medusa in contrast, really couldn’t be more different from the existing Aquan range.

Medusa as seen from the bow

Yes, there are commonalities in terms of the details, such as the lozenge-shaped weapons copulas, the crystal like engine nozzles, and the elongated oval hatches in the bow. But the design itself is completely alien and seems to have more in common with Ba’Kash design that have been previewed in the past than other Aquan designs such as the Manta carrier.

Manta-class Battle Carrier

I have previously posted that I would definitely be adding an Aquan Dreadnought to my fleet but I don’t think I will now. The clash in styles is just too great and I think I will be fine with the splendid Manta Battle Carrier as the flagship of my fleet. If I need extra firepower, hopefully there will be some nice gunship models before too long.

I think my least favourite aspect it the ‘tentacles’ trailing stern-wards from the main hull. The Aquans ships may have had an ‘organic’ look to them, but they have never previously looked like they were specifically trying to ape a living creature. I’m also not keen on the bow. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to evoke the maw of some aquatic predator but it leaves me cold.

It’s not a hideous model as such, the render it self is nicely executed and there is clearly a lot of detail in the sculpt, but it jars so much with the existing style of the Aquan fleet that it just doesn’t work for me and I would find it hard to imagine how much a huge departure from established design philosophy would be justified in-universe. The other Dreadnoughts previewed by Spartan are much more in keeping with the existing ‘look’ of the fleets they are joining.

Relthoza Dreadnought and Battleship

Sorylian Dreadnought, Battleship and Cruiser

Terran Dreadnought and Battleship

I think this is definitely a ‘Marmite’ model that people will either love or hate. And I can’t help but find it ironic that such an aesthetically challenging model has been named after a mythical beast that people warned never to look at.

Avert your gaze!

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