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In the Old Days, We’d Have Sent a Gunship

Spartan are spoiling us Dystopian Wars players this week. Fresh on the heels of the large flyer previews come previews of the upcoming Gunships.

Xeno, Princeton, Agincourt, Hussar & Tanuki

Speaking as a Britanian player, I think the Agincourt is okay, but I’m not sure about the idea of a torpedo turret. I like The Xeno for it’s great broadside and the bow mounted mega-cannon of doom and I also like the Princeton for it’s enormous cannon paired with rocket batteries.

The article on Spartan Games’ website explains the thinking behind each design and it all makes sense. I like that they have designed each gunship to offer something different to the existing ships in their respective fleets rather than just providing up-armed cruisers. I look forward to any other Dystopian Wars previews that Spartan might treat us with over the next few weeks.

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