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New Privateer Press goings on

New Privateer Press goings on.

@docbungle has dug up some cool Privateer Press previews.

I quite like the Rover warjack.

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The New Epic Warlocks





The New Epic Warlocks.

@Docbungle has posted about the new Epic level Warlocks for Hordes.

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Big and Stompy

I like big stompy robots, so it was perhaps inevitable that once I started looking at the full sweep of wargaming options available to us today, that Warmachine should catch my eye.

I first heard of Warmachine due to it being talked about a lot online as the game a lot of disgruntled GW customers were trying instead. Through Twitter I have discovered this is a game with a sizeable player community so it that al made it one a I made a point of checking out when I started to look around for something not dominated by Space Marines.

On the scale of ‘mildly interested’ to ‘have to be physically restrained from spending my child’s future university fund on the shiny’, Warmachine ranks at ‘I definitely want to try this’. Indeed, I have already arranged to be given a demo game at the local gaming club in a couple of weeks.

I quite like the look and feel of Warmachine, I like the inclusion of warjacks as the centrepiece of the game, making it a bit different to other wargames. I also like that it is playable using relatively small armies and operates more at a skirmish level. Having recently blogged about my frustration with having to buy quite so many toys in order to play GW games, something that you can play with a handful of models, but then have the option of collecting more at your own pace seems like a good deal.

I quite like the world of the Iron Kingdoms in which Warmachine (and it’s sister game, Hordes) is set. It’s dark and violent without being over the top – and without being as unrelentingly grimdark as either Warhammer universe. Also they blend fantasy and steampunk elements into something quite interesting. And it seems to have a bit of a sense of humour to it, which always helps.

I’ve also had the opportunity to read the quickstart rules available to download from the Privateer Press website, and watched a few video battle reports on You Tube. From what I’ve seen the rule seem fairly straightforward and robust and I’m interested in how the game requires using your warcaster and warjacks in concert to maximise their effectiveness.

Perhaps most importantly, the models are excellent. It took me a while to appreciate some of them, being used to Games Workshop’s aesthetics, but they have grown on me and there are at least a few that really appeal to me.

Khador Juggernaut

Initially I was attracted to the Khador faction with their heavy warjacks and the powerful ‘Man O War’ units with their steam powered armour and exotic weaponry.

Cygnar Cyclone

Now though, I’m moving towards the heavy firepower and eclectic units of the Cygnar army. Possibly with a few Mercenaries thrown in for flavour in the longer term.

Mercenary Forge Guard

So, I think I’ve found something I could enjoy collecting and playing in addition to my fleets for Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars. I like the idea of a game with fun models and background but which I can do without having to go mad buying loads of toys.

Plus as a bonus, starting Warmachine always allows the options of expanding to do Hordes as well, maybe with the Circle factions with their cool golem-like warbeasts.

Circle Wold Guardian

I will report back on my impressions after my intro game in a couple of weeks.

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