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Dwarfs Ready

My introduction to Warmachine has not been as smooth as I might have liked.

For one thing, I’ve come to the realisation that I’m not very keen on either of the factions represented in my starter box. This was a bit of a blow, though not a fatal one. I had always more or less planned to eBay the Menoth figures, now I will just do the same with the Khador ones. Hopefully I will recoup a fair share of my outlay and I will still have the rule book for future use.

The other problem though is that I’m not really sure what, if any, Warmachine faction I do want to try. At the moment the front runners are Cyngar and Mercenaries, but even then there are bits of each range I’m not that keen on. Not that I would cast aspersions on the quality of the ranges, but there is no one range that grabs me. With Khador, it was the warcasters that put me off. With Cygnar it’s the warjacks (except the Cyclone, which is awesome). I experienced similar difficulties with Warhammer Fantasy, as there was never any one army that made we want to do them in the way 40k armies did.

The fact is, with a baby due within a month and the short-to-medium term financial tightening that will ensue, this is not the time for embarking on any hobby project I’m not at least reasonably sure about. So for the time being, Warmachine might get shelved and will concentrate my much more limited resources on Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars.

This is not to say that I will never do anything with Warmachine. It’s a good game set in an interesting universe and it scores points with me for not needing too many models in order to play. What I’ve read of the rules so far (when not distracted by Twitter or my book club book) seem to be well written and I know that there is a huge player base out there to tap into when the time comes.

Almost any gamer will admit how easy it is to get distracted by the shiny and the new. There are all sorts of intriguing possibilities out there. Warmachine, Dust Tactics and MERCS are all things that have tempted me recently, and I am certainly intrigued what Privateer Press’ ‘Level 7’ sci fi game will be like. GW even managed to cause a few moments of temptation with their new Necron release. Executed with their usual combination of very high quality and very high expense. But I have plenty of stuff to paint already, and I have still barely learned the rules to Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars. Perhaps this is a time to try and do a few things well rather than lots of things poorly.

I still might come back to Warmachine. If I do, I think the most likely army I would do (based on current infomation) is the Searforge sub-list of the Mercenaries army. These dwarf mercenaries are amongst my favourite in the whole range and though it’s a very limited list it’s all of stuff I like. And It’s also all stuff I could use if I ever expanded my army into a Highborn Covenant army.

Here is a rough army list worked out using the iBodger app and not much knowledge save what I could glean from the Battle College wiki:

High Sheild Gun Corps

Searforge Commission
33+7 points, 26 models

Gorten Grundback

Gorten Grundback  +7 points
* Ghordson Avalancher  9 points
* Wroughthammer Rockram  8 points

Forge Guard

6 Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps  5 points
* Hammerfall Officer & Standard  3 points
6 Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps  5 points
* Hammerfall Officer & Standard  3 points
6 Horgenhold Forge Guard  5 points
Thor Steinhammer  2 points


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