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Necron Codex Review

@docbungle has posted links to an interesting review of the new Necron Codex.

Necron Codex Review.


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Necrons Unleashed

Check out @CaitoGalenus’s rundown of the new Necron stuff available for pre-order: Necrons Unleashed.

Speaking for myself. I quite like the new Necron infantry. They have a very definite style with plenty of options without being over the top and it looks like you could have some fun choosing a cool colour scheme that suits both your taste and the new models.

I’m less keen on the new vehicles. the Catacomb/Annihilation barge is okay but I don’t much like the look of the Ghost/Doomsday Ark.

The character models are cool, and speak to the new direction GW are taking the Necrons. I think this is overall a good move for what had hitherto been quite a bleak and characterless race.

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Holy Space Zombies!





Anyone interested in the Necrons for 40k should check out @CaitoGalenus’s rundown of the latest leaked images.

Holy Space Zombies!.


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