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Victory to the Storm Crows!

This morning I was greeted my the news that I had won a prize in the latest ‘Shell Case Shorts’ short story competition with my piece on a Space Marine chapter know as the Storm Crows.

Check out my winning entry over on Phil’s blog:


As promised with April’s Shell Case Shorts, and entirely due to the generosity of Nick Kyme I was able to offer 3 prizes. The top spots receive signed copies of the Fall of Damnos and Salamander. The honourable mention gets a signed copy of the thinner but no less awesome Back from the Dead. All three entries deserve get posts so there will be three separate ones, so hold on to your butts.

There were some great entries but sadly some couldn’t be considered as they were written as stories rather than histories which was the point of the origins emphasis. However, as it seems to have sparked the imagination of so many of you I will be holding a second Origins based Shell Case Shorts during the summer.

The first winning entry is Chris Spurgeon (@Chris_S_79) for his rather compelling piece on the Space Marines Chapter known as the Storm Crows.



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An interview with Gav Thorpe

The Shell Case has just posted An interview with Gav Thorpe.


The title should be self explanatory really. 😉 Enjoy


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SixEleven on Mantic

Six Eleven has made a few pertinent points about Mantic games and their Warpath releases over on his blog.

I can certainly see his point. Warpath is releasing models relatively slowly at the moment. Though to be fair they are a much smaller and younger company than some of those we get our toys from – the big GW for example. I think that any collector wants to know there will be enough stuff available to collect before they commit their time and money to starting a new project.

I’d also agree that the new Corporation Marines are some of the most tempting models Mantic have produced. See my post of a few days ago for mor of my thoughts on those.

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Avatars of War Dwarf Berserker Unit – Review

A nice little review of the new Dwarf Slayers Dwarf Berserkers  from Avataers of War, over on Miniature Musings of a Bear:

Avatars of War Dwarf Berserker Unit – Review.

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New Citadel Paints: First Glimpse

Over on Ramblings from the Trenches, there’s some news on forthcoming changes to the Citadel paint range.


New Citadel Paints: First Glimpse.

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The Warmonger Pledge

Cool idea discussed over on Ramblings from the Trenches:

The Warmonger Pledge.

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And some more PP video love

Over on Miniature Musings of a Bear, Doc bungle has posted some interesting videos about the latest news from Privateer Press.


And some more PP video love.

I’ve thought for a while that PP do some good work, and although Warmachine and Hordes never quite grabbed me in the way GW or Spartan did I’ve always thought they did some very cool models. The Colossal models previewed in the video are truly awesome and some could well be a ‘buy it just to paint it’ case. I hope there’ll be a suitably awesome Rhulic Colossal before too long.


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What has SixEleven been up to?

A couple of interesting posts over on SixEleven’s blog:

Funny Old Hobby

Miniature Monday Page

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Shell Case Shorts Winner

Over on the Shell Case, Caito has announced the winner of the first Shell Case Shorts short story competition.

Having read the winning story I can confirm that it’s a very worthy winner. Follow the link to check it out: Shell Case Shorts Winner.


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EotBS Fleet update

DocBungle has posted an update on his Dystopian Wars fleet. Some nice painting work to be seen in the photos.

EotBS Fleet update.

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