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Look, up in the sky

As I predicted a week or so ago when I posted about the recently previewed Fleet Carriers for Dystopian Wars, Spartan Games have started releasing previews of new Sky Fortresses.

To explain, back when Dystopian Wars released, two fleets, Britania and the FSA had their Fleet Carriers released. Meanwhile the other two, Prussia and the Empire of the Blazing Sun, had their Sky Fortresses released. Now it seems the balance is to be redressed.

The Planes of Savannah.

The FSA Savannah-class sky fortress is an impressive model. I like the layered flight decks and the way the design seems to incorporate multiple airship bodies to support and stabilise the craft. The ship has some nice underslung turrets but doesn’t look heavily armed (certainly compared to the Valley-class airship).

I’m sceptical about the value of tiny flyers in Dystopian Wars, so I imagine that players who are as sceptical as I am will hesitate about adding these models to their armadas. This is a shame as these are some excellent models.

Built For Glory!.

The Britannian Illustrious-class is also an awesome model.  The design harks back to the Eagle war rotor and the Britanian naval style in general.  The multiple large triple-bladed rotors give a sense of the power needed to keep this beast in the air. I also like the simple open landing deck, the typically large Britanian-style weapon turrets, and the little details like the aircraft lists and the observation area on the bow.

As a Britanian player, the only reason I’m not putting this at the top of my wish list is that my dim view of the rules for tiny flyers. It’s  shame that unlike in Firestorm Armada, there is not an option to field carriers without their wings. It’s a great model, but perhaps a bit too nice to buy but not use.

The Illustrious definitely has a more imposing ‘flying city’ feel to it that the Savannah, which as a more ‘slow but purposeful advance’ feel to it.


Darkening Skies | Spartan Games.

The Epicurus Sky Fortress for the Covenant of Antarctica is quite different, but another awesome model. I like the huge rear power-plant and the multiple weapon batteries. The central ‘drone-launcher’ turret is a curious design choice but certainly an intriguing one. I also quite like the manoeuvring jets on the sides, very reminiscent of the Harrier jump jet.

All three massive flyers are absolutely fantastic and I’m sure that any players would be tempted to add one to their fleet. Even if you don’t like playing using the fighter rules, these are fantastic models that I’m sure would be a joy to paint. The release of these models and the large war flyers previewed last month means that a full on aerial fleet is now a real possibility. I look forward to seeing pictures of other players flying armadas online.

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