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The Floating Citadel

The Floating Citadel.

I’m not really interested in Uncharted Seas. While I appreciate the quality of the models (in particular the Sky Pirate battleship), it’s just doesn’t grab be the way Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada do.

But I thought that the Guardian-class Floating Citadel for the Iron Dwarf faction deserved a special mention. It is a truly impressive model and says everything there is to say about the inventiveness and imagination that Spartan bring to bear on their games. Bringing new and interesting ideas to what could be quite restricted settings.

I can imagine that many Iron Dwarf players will make this model the centrepiece of their gaming table.

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Spartan Spectacular

@CaitoGalenus has posted a rundown of November’s releasees from Spartan Games. Check it out:  Spartan Spectacular.

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