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Webcomic Rundown

I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of the Webcomics I enjoy to read online.

I don’t know how many webcomics there are out there, but I’m sure it’s a lot. Some webcomics get a lot of flack and there’s no denying that some are better than others. But I’m interested in how many of them focus on the worlds of fandom and geekdom in their various forms. I’m something of a geek myself, and I think it’s generally a good thing when geeks have enough of a sense of humour to laugh at themselves.

My all time favourite webcomic is the excellent Schlock Mercenary, a space opera saga with surprisingly well thought out science and which is notable for having run every single day without fail since June 2000.

Another excellent comic is Weregeek, a relatively recent discovery of mine but already a favourite. I like it’s humorous but positive take on geekiness, and also the idea that being a geek confers superpowers.

Other comics that look at the whole gamut of geekiness, ranging from sci-fi to video games to wargaming to comics include Dork Tower, Penny Arcade, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Real Life, and Hijinks Ensue. In contrast, Shortpacked focuses on the geeky realm of toys, and Gutters focuses on comics.

A more specifically  wargaming focused comic is Larry Leadhead. Meanwhile, both Servants of the Imperium and Exterminatus Now are both inspired by 40k itself, or in the case of the later by a bizarre fusion of 40K and Sonic the Hedgehog-esque anthropomorphic animals. And of course, no list of 40k inspired comics would be complete without mentioning the sadly discontinued Turn Signals on a Land Raider.

I’m more familiar with wargaming that RPGS, but I can still appreciate the D&D inspired Order of the Stick, and Darths and Droids is a fantastic comic premised around the events of the Star Wars movies being played out as a series of D&D campaign. Looking for Group on the other hand is a delicious World Of Warcraft satire.

A final recommendation, for the more hardcore geeks and anyone with an interest in science, maths, language, sarcasm or romace, there is the brilliant and thought provoking XKCD.

Hope you like my recommendation. If you have any of your own why not mention them in the comments?

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